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In the Physis Laboratory’s lab, galenic, homeopathic, gemotherapeutic, phytotherapeutic, aromatherapeutic, dermatological and galenic veterinary preparations are prepared, according to the scientific literature and related studies.

Aiming to highlight the profession of the pharmacist (the ancient Greek word means “the scientist concerned with the preparation, use and disposal of medicines”) and to ensure the quality, safety and effectiveness of the medical preparations for each patient, Physis Laboratory’s lab, has been operating since 2015 in accordance with the European GPP Standards (Good Preparation Practices) and is the first laboratory in Greece to be certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

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Physis Laboratory offers wellness, health and care products based on the natural ingredients of the rich Greek land. Face, body and hair cosmetics, nutritional supplements, herbal and essential oils are developed in our laboratory which is one of the most modern and highly standards pharmaceutical laboratories in Europe, by our scientific team.

Our AMINO ANIMO proteins are the leading Greek protein brand from 100% organic raw materials and with official vegan, bio, gluten- & cruelty-free certifications. They are an innovative functional food, rich in nutrients, easy, and quick to prepare. They are ideal for everyone, every nutritional requirement, and every life stage. They are designed to fuel your every day, pushing you to achieve your goals.

The premium line of natural cosmetics La Coquille de la Vie is the “refuge” of younger, firmer, more radiant skin. With innovative anti-aging formulations of snail secretion for elasticity, sea fennel stem cells for deep hydration and peptides for visibly smoother wrinkles and fine lines, it brings the power of nature to your skin. Create your own precious beauty regimen and bring out the best in you!

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