For purchases of products through our online store, alternative payment methods are provided for your convenience.

Debit/Credit Card

Cards accepted:

The choice to pay the order by credit or debit or prepaid card is completed on the bank’s site, in a completely secure and controlled environment by the bank itself, in order to ensure the confidentiality of the transaction details. Your card details are not stored under any circumstances by our website’s systems.

Deposit in a bank account

You can make a deposit to the following bank accounts:

Beneficiary: Physis Laboratory IKE
IBAN: GR9802602030000820201899147

Piraeus Bank
Beneficiary: Physis Laboratory IKE
IBAN: GR9701722260005226102524736

National Bank of Greece
Beneficiary: Physis Laboratory IKE
IBAN: GR4301108630000086300787438

  • The beneficiary of the bank account must be the same as the name indicated in the invoicing details of the online order.
  • Delivery details may vary.
  • The order will be shipped when the deposit is confirmed. Therefore, it is necessary to indicate the full name and the order code in the payment details.
  • Proof of deposit should be sent by e-mail to orders@physislaboratory.com.
  • Orders that are placed with a bank deposit as a method of payment remain active in our system for 5 working days until they are paid. If the specified period of time elapses, the product is released and the order is automatically cancelled by our system.
  • For interbank transactions, please select “SHA” (shared bank charges) in your bank’s payment instructions. There may be a delay of a few working days before the transfer of the remittance is completed.